Relief Planning

Let us solve your relief planning nightmares

Say goodbye to stressful and anxious mornings and have your daily relief planning automated on the go. Enjoy more quality time in the morning with your loved ones and spend less time on manual relief planning.

Absence Reporting

Report Absences with Ease

Report absences through a simple form and upload any relevant lesson plans and files for the covering relief teacher to optimise precious curriculum time.

Teachers report spending less than 3 minutes to report their absences – anytime, anywhere.

Daily Assignments

Automated Relief Assignments

Ensure fairer allocation via our automated relief assignment that optimises curriculum time and takes into account teachers’s workload using our proprietary algorithm.

Teachers from the relief planning committee report having an easier time as they can now ensure teachers’ workload are optimally distributed and ensures that their fellow colleagues are not overly taxed.

Daily Notifications & Reporting

Ensures Clarity Amongst All

Stay updated on daily absences and relief deployments through our daily push notifications and reports to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

School leaders are delighted with the clear and concise summary of daily statistics which aids them in better decision making and resource deployment.

Connect your school's existing timetabling software

Stay in sync with timetable changes by integrating your school’s existing timetables into our Operational Hub


Features Overview

See what our Relief Planning module can do for you

For the tedious manual planning you and your team used to perform daily, Dive Analytics have you covered.

What Teachers Say

You’re in good company

Join the modern schools and transform the way your teachers work with Dive Analytics.

“Easy viewing and planning of relief duties by the different IP heads.”

Teo S. – Woodgrove Secondary School

“Easy to use and mobile responsive. Fast and prompt support given.”

Yong Y.K. – Christ Church Secondary School

Integrated Productivity Suite for K-12 Schools

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Start automating your school's relief planning today

Simplify workflows, reduce errors, and spend more time in the classrooms with your students. Start your trial today and let our Relief Planning do your work.