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Feel free to give us a call at (65) 9229 6327 or (65) 8222 0035 if you have any other questions.

We use a hybrid approach to developing our modules. Our aim is to provide our customers with a ready-made solution catered to their needs while giving them the added flexibility of customisation to solve their specific pain points.

Yes we do! We understand that every school is unique, and we offer 60 days free trial to help you try out our various modules. Our customer success team will support you and your school in the smooth onboarding, so you can get up and running in no time.

After a demo with our sales team, you can be up and running on our platform in no time. Once your plan has been finalised, our technical team will liaise with you to setup your account and hand you over to our dedicated customer success team, who will take you through your onboarding to ensure your school can get started as soon as possible.

All of our software products are 100% web-based, so all you need is just an internet connection and web browser such as Google Chrome.

After signing up with Dive Analytics, we will provide a dedicated in-house technical consultant available to you to ensure a successful onboarding.‍ A dedicated success manager will also work as a primary contact to answer your questions or solve any issues you may be having using the module after the onboarding period. Within our modules, you may also find product information with step by step guides to each module, and ticket submission for personal support.

We work with K-12 schools across public, private and international schools. Our modules caters to schools of all sizes across different markets. Currently we have more than 10,000 teachers, students and parents using our integrated suite of solutions. Get in touch with our team for a free customised evaluation of the modules that are most relevant to your school.

Our modules are created with teachers for teachers. We understand the pain points and challenges that teachers face daily and our integrated software suite helps to meet those needs. All of our modules are secure and we hold high standards in ensuring the appropriate practices are in place.