Award-Winning Student Wellness & Development Platform
Award-Winning Student Wellness & Development Platform

Elevate student wellness and support their holistic development in one place

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Why Nurture?

Why does your school need a
Student Development Platform?

Academic success is just one aspect of a student’s overall development. Nurture goes beyond traditional academic tracking systems, empowering teachers with a holistic view of students’ growth like never before.

Comprehensive Holistic Development Tracking​

Assess and monitor various aspect of your students from their emotional well-being, behaviour, social interactions, achievements, school-related programme participations and more.

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Data-Driven Insights for Supportive Interventions

Leverage A.I., machine learning and deep dive analytics to identify patterns and trends into students’ well-being and sentiments to provide more timely and personalised support for at-risk students.

Promote Self-Directed Learning Amongst Students

Empower students to take charge of their own development in 21CC Skills through self-assessments, goal setting, e-portfolio management and more.

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Boost Teachers' Efficiency and Streamline Processes

Streamline time-consuming tasks related to tracking student development. From automating data collection to generating reports, Nurture helps to save precious time and resources.

Promote Positive School Culture & Community Engagement

Recognize and celebrate students’ achievements, promote feedback and collaboration amongst teachers, students and even parents.

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Experience our All-in-One,
Student Development Platform

Unleash the fullest potential of every student and provide more timely and personalised support to those in need.

Student Productivity Spaces

Unleash creativity with Nurture’s customizable backgrounds and themes. Boost productivity with task tracker and a Pomodoro timer. Foster emotional regulation with well-being check-ins, sound therapy, and deep breathing exercises.

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Student Productivity Space

Student Wellness

Empower teachers with a 360-degree view of student well-being through research-backed check-ins and sentiment analysis. Gain insights into social interactions and friendship ties with Social Network Analysis to identify the presences of any cliques and outliers.

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Student Wellness - Social Network Analysis

Student Holistic Development

Automate the tracking of student participation, achievements, and works in school-related programmes with Nurture’s online marketplace and personalised student e-Portfolios. Support their holistic development and unleash the fullest potential of every child.

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Student Holistic Development - ePortfolio

Nurture Overview

Support every aspect of your students' development

Elevate students’ wellness and provide comprehensive support for their holistic growth to have a better peace of mind of being able to provide more timely support and intervention to students in need and helping them to be more self-directed and future ready.

Social Development

Foster greater sense of belonging and social inclusion amongst your students.

Emotional Development

Grow emotionally intelligent and self-aware students and prevent any student from slipping through the cracks.

Cognitive Development

Develop your students’ to be future-ready and self-directed in their own learning.

Physical Development

Provide a foundation for physical health and monitor key statistics on your students habits and lifestyles.

Creative Development

Unleash your students’ creativity and self-expression to understand what makes them tick.

Features Overview

Carefully designed to meet the modern day needs of K-12 teachers.

Well-being Check-ins
Task Tracker
Deep Breathing
Productivity Space
Pomodoro Timer
Sound Therapy
Discipline Management
Social Network Analysis
Online Marketplace
Real-time Dashboards
Goal Setting
Student e-Portfolio
AI-powered Chatbots
Alerts & Notifications

How it works?

Daily Well-being Check Ins

Stay connected with your students' emotional health through daily mood check-ins to identify potential at-risk students.

Weekly Self-Reflections

Encourage students to be reflective in their learning and detect students who depict negative sentiments.

Termly Surveys

Gain valuable insights into your students' well-being trends and friendship ties through SEL surveys and social network analysis (SNA), shaping proactive support strategies.

Year-round Marketplace

Keep track of your students' progression through our online marketplace and personal e-Portfolios.

Real-time Dashboards & Notifications

Stay informed with real-time dashboards and notifications, empowering teachers to provide more timely interventions and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Welcome to our FAQ section 👋 where we’ve got answers to all your burning questions. Find answers to inquiries about our products, services, how to get started, and more. Get the details you need to make informed decisions with ease.

What is Nurture?

Nurture is an all-in-one Student Development Platform that empowers K-12 teachers with valuable, real-time insights into student wellness and more to support their holistic development.

Why should schools adopt Nurture?

Nurture addresses the rising mental well-being concerns among students, an issue that traditional methods have been insufficient in tackling. It also empowers teachers with a convenient way to track students’ growth and development so they can provide more personalised and timely support.

Is Nurture a trusted platform / app?

Yes, Nurture was conceptualised in collaboration with a Singapore Public Ministry of Education (MOE) School and has supported the school in attaining the prestigious MOE Innergy Award for its effectiveness and innovation.

Can Nurture help in early detection and intervention?

Yes, Nurture’s sophisticated platform can identify alarming trends in students’ well-being and escalate cases for immediate intervention. This early detection and support contribute to the holistic well-being and academic success of students.

How can I get started?

Getting started is a breeze! To kick off your journey with us, simply schedule a quick 30-minute demo with us. Our team will guide you through the platform, showcasing all its amazing features and answering any questions you may have.

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