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Greendale Secondary School simplifies relief teacher planning with Roster

Find out how Greendale Secondary School was able to increase their teachers productivity with relief planning by 300% with Roster.

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At Greendale Secondary School, the task of managing teacher absences and assigning relief was proving to be a significant challenge. Each day, administrative staff and coordinators had to navigate through various channels and sources to track the absences of teachers. This process involved checking emails, messages, and sometimes making direct calls to confirm absences before they could even begin the task of relief planning. The manual entry of these absences into their system was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and frustrations among the staff tasked with this crucial operational duty.


Greendale Secondary School found Roster to be a game-changer for several reasons. Firstly, its efficiency was unmatched; the app streamlined the entire process of tracking teacher absences and facilitated the assignment of relief teachers in a fraction of the time it previously took. The user-friendly interface of Roster meant that staff could navigate its features with minimal training, significantly reducing the learning curve typically associated with new software.

In addition, Dive Analytics prompt customer support stood out. Whenever the school faced any issues or had questions about the application, Dive Analytics’ support team was quick to assist, ensuring that the school could maintain its operational flow without any significant disruptions.


The results were immediately evident and profoundly impactful. With Roster, Greendale Secondary School reduced the time spent on relief planning from 30 minutes daily to less than 15 minutes. This represents a 100% increase in productivity, allowing staff to allocate their time to other critical tasks and responsibilities. The significant time savings in the process of relief planning not only improved the operational efficiency of the school but also contributed to a smoother educational experience for both students and teachers. The ability to quickly and accurately manage relief assignments meant that classes could proceed with minimal disruption, ensuring that the quality of education remained high even in the face of teacher absences.