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Dive Analytics revolutionizes K-12 school operations, transforming time-consuming tasks into automated processes. We empower teachers and school management with the tools and insights they need to enhance educational outcomes. From simplifying relief teacher planning to digitizing student enrollment, promoting student well-being and facilitating staff professional development – we’ve got you covered.

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Award-Winning Student Wellness & Development Platform
Award-Winning Student Wellness & Development Platform

Drive your students
development with Nurture

Trusted by 10% of Singapore public schools and other overseas private schools

Introducing Nurture

Support every aspect of your students' development

Elevate your students’ wellness and holistic development with one integrated platform.

Social Development

Foster greater sense of belonging and social inclusion amongst your students.

Emotional Development

Grow emotionally intelligent and self-aware students and prevent any student from slipping through the cracks.

Cognitive Development

Develop your students’ to be future-ready and self-directed in their own learning.

Physical Development

Provide a foundation for physical health and monitor key statistics on your students habits and lifestyles.

Creative Development

Unleash your students’ creativity and self-expression to understand what makes them tick.

Existing SMS/SIS are unable to fully meet the needs of modern day schools. Why Dive Analytics?

Dive Analytics complements with your school’s existing SIS and SMS and empowers your staff with the tools and insights they need to automate menial administrative tasks and gain valuable insights to achieve student, teacher and operational success.

Award-Winning Educational Software Suite

Supercharge your school with Dive Analytics

Empower your teachers’ growth and liberate their time to cultivate the future leaders of tomorrow.

Relief Teacher Planning

Streamline and automate your daily relief planning to help your relief committee save over 600 man-hours in manual relief planning and 4,000 pieces of paper in the issuing of relief slips annually from manual planning. Our auto-assignment feature helps to ensure a fairer allocation of relief, taking into account teachers’ compatibility and workload.

Student Registration

Digitalise and streamline your annual enrolment exercise to provide greater convenience for all stakeholders. Save over 80% reduction in manpower deployment and over 1,000 pieces of paper from printing hardcopy forms and students’ book lists while leaving a good first impression amongst your incoming students to make it a memorable experience.

Staff Professional Development

Support your teachers’ growth and professional development and foster an inclusive learning culture within your school. Save time from manual tracking of staff development and gain a 360-degree overview of all their learning needs through our real-time dashboards and more.

Student Wellness & Holistic Development

Empower your teachers’ with the tools and insights to elevate your students’ well-being and keep track of their holistic development with ease. Prevent any “silent sufferers” from falling under the radar and to empower teachers with 360-degree overview of their students holistic development backed with data-driven insights.

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We bring data and insights to help teachers work smarter.

Leveraging on A.I. and machine learning, your teachers can now free up their time from menial administrative tasks to focus on your students.

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School Management

Gain 360-degree understanding of your entire school’s wellness and development, enhance teacher effectiveness and create a positive and supportive learning environment for all students.

Form Teachers

Reduced workload through real-time insights and automated alerts, so you can focus on provide more timely support and personalised teaching to achieve student success.

School Counsellors

Offer more timely support and drive deeper and more meaningful conversations during counselling sessions to provide better support to students in-need.


Develop greater awareness and self-regulation of your own emotions and be more self-directed in your own learning and growth.

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“Their solutions helps to make some processes in the school more efficient. Less manpower hours is needed. The service is good, and the vendor can resolve our needs.”

Frederick C.

Frederick C.

Orchid Park Secondary School

“Recommended by other schools. Solutions are user-friendly and supports collaborative use by different users across different devices. Good and prompt support given.”

Amy Y.

Amy Y.

Christ Church Secondary School

“Innovative and progressive software solutions that helps to meet our school’s specific needs in the ever-changing educational landscape.”


Tan K. W.

Tan K. W.

North Vista Secondary School

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