Next-Generation Productivity Suite for Educators

Using technology and analytics to develop meaningful and secure solutions, re-inventing everyday processes for teachers and students.


Student Analysis System

Track and monitor students’ academic and non-academic performance with ease and precision. Direct integration with existing systems and secure data management ensures minimal administrative hassle and manual work.


Student Registration System

Streamline your student registration process with our automated queue system and booth allocation. Ensure smooth operations on the ground, no matter the complexity of your registration process, and manage with ease.


Teacher Relief System

User-friendly, convenient relief system that systematically assigns the most suitable teacher for relief, ensuring a fair and open relief allocation. Complete with automatic notification and acknowledgement features.


Automated Form Approvals

Forms and documents that require multi-level approvals or sign-offs are automatically consolidated and sent to the right personnels. Save time from having to manually completing these checks, especially for frequently used forms.


Social Network Analysis

Understand student relationships within classrooms and take meaningful action. Early identification and intervention for those at-risk of isolation and bullying could positively impact students’ overall well-being and performance.


Communication Chatbots

Our intelligent chatbots allows communication between different users and sub-groups, such as within departments and amongst teams. Integrated with popular messaging tools such as Telegram and WhatsApp for maximum convenience.

We Help Teachers Work Smarter

Reduce administrative tasks & Harness data

Often, educators spend unnecessary time on administrative tasks that could be handled by technology and automation. This means less time for them to focus on improving teaching practices, personalise learning and exploring new ways to help students learn better.
We help them with these issues.

Customisable Solutions

Every school is unique and dynamic – we customise all products to ensure all schools fully benefit from the use of our technologies, and that it is sustainable for their long-term vision and roadmap for the institution.

Security as a Priority

We hear our clients’ calls for security, and set high standards for ourselves because we know its importance. From Day One of any collaboration, all steps are conducted with the highest regard for data security.

Constantly Upgrading

We know technology moves quickly, and we believe in keeping up with new frameworks, practices and even education research areas. New useful features and upgraded functions are always being explored.

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