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Edgefield Secondary School saves 30 minutes daily with Roster

Find out how Edgefield Secondary School was able to increase their teachers productivity with relief planning by 250% with Roster.

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Edgefield Secondary School


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At Edgefield Secondary School, the daily task of managing and assigning relief teachers was a significant challenge. The manual process was not only time-consuming, taking about 45 to 60 minutes each day, but it also struggled with ensuring fairness in the distribution of duties. This often led to dissatisfaction among staff and inefficiencies in handling unplanned teacher absences.


Edgefield Secondary School implemented Dive Analytics’ Roster, a relief teacher planning app designed specifically for K-12 schools. Roster stood out due to its efficiency and user-friendly interface, which allowed the school administrators to streamline the entire process of relief planning. With Roster, the school could automate the allocation of relief duties, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution based on predefined rules and teacher availability.


The impact of implementing Roster at Edgefield Secondary School was profound. The time spent on relief planning dropped dramatically from an average of 45-60 minutes to less than 15 minutes daily. This represents a 250% increase in productivity, freeing up significant administrative time.

With the automation features of Roster, the school could ensure a fair distribution of relief duties among teachers, leading to increased satisfaction and morale.

The time saved translated into cost savings, allowing the school to allocate resources more effectively towards other critical educational needs.

Edgefield Secondary School’s experience with Roster demonstrates how adopting targeted technological solutions can address specific operational challenges in education settings, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and staff satisfaction.