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Gain deeper understanding of your students’ emotional well-being and provide timely intervention where necessary


Understand your students' emotional well-being

Guide them towards resilience and self-discovery.

well-being check-in

Well-being Check-in

Empower your teachers to recognize any “silent-sufferers” by conducting quick, research-backed check-ins that can be done within 1-min. Weekly summary reports are sent to teachers to highlight any at-risk students.


Our smart platform utilizes machine learning to analyze students’ self-reflections, employing sentiment analysis on keywords. This assists educators in obtaining valuable insights, enabling timely intervention.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Soothing tones, nature sounds provide a transformative auditory journey for students to relieve exam stress and promote tranquility.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercise aids in stress management, anxiety and fosters relaxation and clarity amid the academic hustle.

encouragement & gratitude

Send Gratitudes & Encouragements

Encourage your students to share appreciation and gratitude messages, fostering kindness and positivity in the classroom.

Seek Help

Provide a safe space for students to seek assistance and support for any academic and mental health concerns with their school or teacher counsellor(s).

Student Dashboard

Motivate students to improve their emotional self-regulation and overall wellness by monitoring their emotions, identifying patterns in real-time through interactive dashboards.

teacher dashboard

Teacher Dashboard

Enable teachers to effortlessly grasp their students’ well-being using straightforward traffic light indicators, facilitating the identification of potential at-risk students.

Well-being Check-In

With the rising mental well-being concerns amongst youth globally, emotional mood tracking is an essential tool to help teachers detect any “silent sufferers” who are in need of help. 

Our well-being check-in allows your students to rate their mood based on the famous L. Feldman Barrett and J.A. Russell’s Circumplex Model of Affect.

Through our simple 1-min check-in, teachers gain insights beyond students’ energy and emotions. They can also keep tabs on their sleep quality, screen time and other indicators – all carefully designed to help them develop a calm mind and manage their stress levels.


Self-reflection is an important process for students to take the time to step back and assess their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. By doing so, they can gain valuable insights into what’s working well and what needs improvement in their lives. For students, this can be especially important, as the pressures of academic life can take a toll on their mental health.

Our self-reflection feature allows teachers to tailor questions based on their needs and understand how their students are feeling or might be struggling with, especially in times when it is closer to examinations. Students’ text entries will be analysed in real-time using the power of machine learning to help teachers deep dive into their sentiments.

Sound Therapy

Through a curated blend of soothing tones, nature sounds, and calming melodies, students can embark on a transformative auditory journey. Whether it’s preparing for exams, navigating academic challenges, or simply seeking moments of tranquility, our sound therapy sessions provide a therapeutic escape. 

Deep Breathing

Nurture’s deep breathing technique is designed to be easily incorporated into daily routines. This exercise empower students with the tools to manage stress, anxiety, and maintain emotional equilibrium. As students cultivate a mindful connection with their breath, they unlock a profound source of relaxation and mental clarity amidst the academic hustle.

Send Gratitudes & Encouragements

Students can uplift one another with words of appreciation and motivation. Whether it’s acknowledging a peer’s academic achievement, offering support during challenging times, or expressing gratitude to their teachers, this feature creates a virtual space for kindness and encouragement. Students can easily send personalised messages, creating a ripple effect of positivity within the classroom. 

Seek Help

Navigating the complexities of student life can be challenging, and our Seek Help feature is here to provide a lifeline of support by offering a confidential and accessible avenue to seek assistance when needed. Whether facing academic challenges, struggling with personal concerns, or seeking guidance on mental health, students can use the Seek Help feature to connect with their school counsellor easily within a few clicks.

Student Dashboard (My Well-being)

With our personalised and real-time dashboards, students will be able to spot patterns of their emotions as they appear through interactive charts. This can help them develop greater self-regulation of their own emotions over time and reflect upon what might be the causes of their fluctuations in mood. 

teacher dashboard

Teacher Dashboard & Alerts

We know that it is almost impossible for form class teachers to to be aware of the well-being of each and every student in a typical class of 30-40 students.

Our real-time dashboard equipped with easy to understand traffic light indicators empower teachers and school counsellors to have an easy understanding of their students. Our intelligent system performs sentiment analysis on students’ self-reflection (text entries) and also correlates to their well-being check-ins to aid teachers in identifying potential silent sufferers who might not fall within their radar.

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