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Admiralty Secondary School simplifies relief teacher planning with Roster

Find out how Admiralty Secondary School was able to increase their teachers productivity with relief planning by 200% with Roster.

Admiralty Secondary School
Admiralty Secondary School

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Admiralty Secondary School


Woodlands, Singapore

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Public School

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At Admiralty Secondary School, the task of arranging relief teaching was a daunting puzzle that consumed valuable time and resources daily. The process was mired in manual labor, requiring staff to cross-reference multiple documents—including teacher absences and class timetables—to cobble together a coherent plan. This laborious task not only drained the energy of the administrative staff but also introduced a margin for error that could disrupt the school day.


Admiralty Secondary School found Roster to be a user-friendly platform that stabilized the tumultuous task of planning relief teachers. The application’s design ensured that all necessary data was populated within a single site, eliminating the need to juggle between various documents and systems.

Moreover, Roster’s relief notifications feature was a game-changer, ensuring that all parties involved were informed and prepared without the need for cumbersome follow-ups. This streamlined approach was not just about efficiency; it was about transforming the way relief teaching was managed, making it a less dreaded task.


The impact of Roster on Admiralty Secondary School was both immediate and profound. What once took up to 45 minutes of painstaking manual planning was now accomplished in less than 15 minutes. This marked a staggering 200% increase in productivity, liberating the relief committee from the manual and time-consuming task of relief teacher planning. The workload for the relief committee was significantly reduced, allowing them to allocate their focus to areas where it was more critically needed.

Teachers and staff reaped the rewards of Roster’s streamlined process, enjoying the simplicity and efficiency of reporting absences and receiving relief instructions. The collective sigh of relief echoed through the halls of Admiralty Secondary School, a testament to the transformative power of Roster. The application didn’t just change the way relief teaching was organized; it enhanced the overall operational efficiency of the school, leading to a happier, more productive educational environment.