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Say goodbye to stressful mornings and have your daily relief planning fully automated. Enjoy more quality time in the morning with your loved ones and spend less time on manual work.

Why choose our relief planning module?

Built with teachers for teachers, our module is fully customisable to your school’s unique needs and business rules. We integrate seamlessly with your school’s timetable and provides greater convenience to not just your relief committee but all teachers.

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Our Features

Find out why so many schools choose our relief planning module.

Report Absence

Teachers can easily report partial or full day absences and share any lesson plans or instructions with their covering relief teachers.

Assign Relief

Our system automatically assigns the most suited covering teacher daily to maximise curriculum time and ensures fair distribution of workload.

Real-time Notifications

Daily notifications will be automatically sent out to all covering teachers to ensure alignment across all stakeholders.

Daily Reporting

Daily reports will be sent to your school management to keep them updated on the daily schedule.

Relief Statistics

Keep track of staff absences and relief assignments through our real-time dashboards and analysis.

Exam Invigilation Scheduling

Plan and generate your exam invigilation schedule while ensuring that there is no conflict with your daily relief assignments.

Report Absence

Report Absence with Ease

Report absences through a simple form and upload any relevant lesson plans and files for the covering relief teacher to optimise precious curriculum time.

Automated Relief Assignments​

Ensure fairer allocation via our automated relief assignment that optimises curriculum time and takes into account teachers’s workload using our proprietary algorithm. 

Assign Relief
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Relief notification

Daily Notifications & Reporting

Stay updated on daily absences and relief deployments through our daily push notifications and reports to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

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