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Monitor students wellbeing and holistic development with ease

From socio-emotional monitoring to holistic development, empower your teachers with the tools to make more informed decisions and elevate student outcomes.

Student Success

Achieve student success with our all-in-one platform

Empower your teachers with state-of-the-art tools and insights to deliver more personalised care and timely support to those in need.

Student Wellbeing

Understand your students feelings and thoughts through regular check-ins and self-reflections. Identify potential “silent sufferers” and provide timely support to those in need.

Social Network Analysis

Deep dive into social interactions within classrooms and identify potential cliques and outliers. Provide support and assistance to integrate students who might be left out.

Student ePortfolio

Easily administer internal and external school programmes to keep track of students’ participations and achievements. 

Student Profiling

Keep track of your student’s learning progression and achievements throughout their entire student journey with ease.


Create and administer your own surveys to different groups of students by class, teaching groups or clubs within a few clicks.


Motivate your students through points, badges, leaderboard and mini-games to support their own learning and development.

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Why schools love our Student Hub?

Innovative features that are complementary to their existing school management systems.

For School Leaders

Gain clarity of your entire school’s well-being and holistic development to achieve student success.

For Teachers

Gain insights on your students through real-time dashboards and notifications.

For Students

Keep track of your own learning and development.

For Parents

Understand your child’s needs and progress to support their learning and development.

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