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Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Some of the most pressing issues facing schools today are bullying and social exclusion, which can have a profound impact on students’ mental health and academic performance. That’s where Social Network Analysis (SNA) comes in – a powerful tool that can help educators demystify social interactions amongst students and take action to address them.

Identify Social Exclusion

Analyse the patterns of social relationships among students in class and detect potential outcast students with low social support.

Identify Cliques Formation

Map out the social networks of students within a classroom setting, identifying who is connected to whom and the nature of those connections.

Identify Potential Bullying

Reveal patterns of social exclusion, such as students who are isolated or disconnected from the broader social network.

Map Student Attributes

Measure the diversity and inclusion of social networks by analysing the demographic and behavioural characteristics of students within the network.

Easily administer friendship surveys to your students

We understand that social network analysis may seem daunting to teachers, especially to those who are not the most tech savvy. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for teachers of all backgrounds to easily administer friendship surveys to different groups of students in just a few clicks – by grade, class, teaching groups or even co-curricular activities. Teachers can also customise the survey questions to uncover a different social network based on their interest.

Friendship Survey
Social Network Analysis

Real-time tracking & automated analysis

Our dashboards allow teachers to track student responses and gain insights in real-time, in the form of an interactive sociogram.

A sociogram is a visual representation of the friendship ties among their students which depicts the relationships between individuals in a social network. Beyond that, our intelligent platform also provide key metrics (e.g. centrality measures) and findings to help teachers identify potential outliers and cliques formation.

Mapping of student attributes & more

To help teachers gain richer understanding of the social network dynamics beyond social connections alone, our platform allows them to overlay other student attributes such as gender, academic performance and conduct grades. These insights helps teachers to answer questions such as:

  1. Are our boys and girls mixing well in class?
  2. Are there presence of cliques with poor conduct / academic grades?
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