Creative Development

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Foster student creativity for innovation, problem-solving, and adaptability to changing environments.

Student holding tablet

Student Spaces

Our online student spaces helps to promote creativity in students by giving them the freedom to customise their own online learning space. By allowing students to choose their own theme, background video and other features, we can create an environment that encourages creativity and fosters a love of learning. Students can express their individuality and creativity and are more likely to feel engaged and motivated. 

Through students’ personal expressions of their own learning space, it allows teachers to gain a deeper understanding of their students’ interests and preferences.

Nurture Space

Student Artefacts

Artefacts provide concrete evidence of student learning, demonstrating how students have progressed over time.

Students can upload their own works and creation upon the participation of each marketplace programme in the form of an image or short video.

By collecting and reflecting on their own work, students can develop a deeper understanding of their own learning and growth. Artefacts can be used to facilitate collaboration among students and teachers, as well as to provide feedback on student work. These can be shared with peers and teachers for review and critique, leading to deeper learning and growth.

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