Why Schools Are Turning to Roster to Automate Their Relief Planning


In the fast-paced world of education, where every minute counts, it’s no surprise that schools are continually seeking ways to streamline their processes and make life easier for both educators and administrators. One area that has long been a pain point for many Singapore Ministry Of Education (MOE) schools is manual teacher relief planning. Teachers often find themselves struggling to save time in this stressful and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there is a solution that is changing the game – Roster.

Relief Planning Woes in Schools

For years, manual teacher relief planning has been a significant challenge especially for MOE schools. Teachers would grapple with the complexities of managing daily relief schedules, a task that required meticulous planning and often led to undue stress. The process was not only time-consuming but also cumbersome, as it involved assigning teachers to relief duties, tracking staff absences, and issuing hardcopy relief slips, all while ensuring that the school continued to operate smoothly in the early hours of the day.

Introducing Roster: A Relief Teacher Planning Solution

Enter Roster, our relief teacher planning solution that has been adopted by more than 15 MOE schools and is revolutionising the way relief planning is conducted daily. With Roster, schools can finally bid farewell to the manual relief planning headache and embrace a more efficient, automated approach.

Saving Time and Stress for Teachers

One of the standout features of Roster is its ability to save teachers over 600 man-hours per year. That’s right – by automating the relief planning process, teachers no longer need to spend countless hours managing this time-sensitive task and eliminates the need for teachers to report to school earlier every morning for relief duty assignments, freeing up valuable time for other tasks. This means less stress, more free time, and happier teachers.

Convenience, Efficiency and Transparency

But how does Roster achieve this remarkable feat? The answer lies in its smart algorithm, which considers teacher compatibility and workload. Roster ensures that the right teachers are assigned to the right relief duties, optimising the process for maximum efficiency. What’s more, Roster sends out daily notifications to relief teachers and daily reports to key appointment holders, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring a seamless transition when relief duties are assigned providing greater convenience, transparency, and clarity amongst all staff members.

Environmental and Social Benefits

The benefits of Roster extend beyond just time and stress savings. By automating the relief planning process, schools also save approximately 4,000 pieces of paper annually that would have been used for issuing relief slips. This move toward sustainability is not only environmentally responsible but also showcases the school’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.


Today where efficiency is key, Roster emerges as a game-changer for schools not just in Singapore but also worldwide. Not only does Roster automates schools’ relief planning but it also enhances the overall work experience for teachers and administrators alike. If you’re a member of the Relief Committee, it’s time to consider the advantages of Roster. Say goodbye to manual relief planning woes and embrace a brighter, more efficient future for your school.

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