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Northbrooks Secondary School saves 30 minutes daily with Roster

Find out how Northbrooks Secondary School was able to increase their teachers productivity with relief planning by 300% with Roster.

Northbrooks Secondary School
Northbrooks Secondary School

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Northbrooks Secondary School


Yishun, Singapore

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At Northbrooks Secondary School, the task of arranging relief teachers for absent staff was a logistical nightmare that drained both time and energy from the administration team. The process, steeped in manual efforts, was riddled with human errors, leading to incorrect deployment and inefficiencies that rippled throughout the school day. 

The relief committee at Northbrooks Secondary found themselves dedicating 45 to 60 minutes daily, wrestling with complex timetables and availability schedules to find suitable replacements – time that could have been spent on enhancing the educational experience for their students.


Roster revolutionized how Northbrooks Secondary approached this daunting task by providing a streamlined, efficient solution that drastically reduced the margin for error. The app’s intuitive interface allowed for quick checks of teachers’ availability against their curriculum timetables, ensuring that only free and suitable teachers were considered for relief duties.

Furthermore, Roster’s integration with Telegram for notifications meant that teachers were promptly informed about their relief schedules in a manner that was both convenient and accessible, fostering better communication and preparation.


The impact of implementing Roster at Northbrooks Secondary School was both immediate and profound. The daily time investment plummeted from the previous 45-60 minutes to less than 15 minutes, marking a 300% increase in productivity for the administrative staff involved in relief planning. This significant time saving translated directly into improved operational efficiency, freeing up resources that the school could then redirect towards educational programs and staff development.

Moreover, Roster’s transparent approach to deployment fostered a sense of fairness and clarity among the staff, enhancing morale and cooperation. By solving a logistical headache, Roster not only saved time and manpower but also contributed to creating a more positive and productive educational environment at Northbrooks Secondary School.