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Clementi Town Secondary School gains 200% increase in productivity with Roster

Find out how Clementi Town Secondary School was able to increase their teachers productivity with relief planning by 200% with Roster.

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Clementi Town Secondary School

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Clementi Town Secondary School


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For Clementi Town Secondary School, relief teacher planning was an arduous and time-consuming task. Their manual process was not only inefficient but also prone to human errors. Particularly challenging was the occasional mix-up of odd and even timetables, especially during term changes. This resulted in confusion and further added to the administrative burden on the staff.


With Roster’s easy-to-use interface and intuitively designed features, Roster became the much-needed solution for Clementi Town Secondary School. The app streamlined the entire relief planning process, making it more manageable and error-free. What’s more, Dive Analytics ensured responsive and clear communication throughout the implementation and support phases, guiding their relief committee in every step of the way.


The impact of Roster on Clementi Town Secondary School’s operations was transformative. What used to take 45 minutes of manual effort daily now consumed less than 15 minutes with Roster. This resulted in a 200% increase in productivity freed up valuable time for their staff, allowing them to focus on more meaningful, student-centered tasks. By optimizing the use of teachers’ time, Roster not only reduced administrative burden but also empowered educators to dedicate their efforts where they truly matter—enhancing the learning experience for students. Clementi Town Secondary School experienced a notable improvement in efficiency and effectiveness across its relief planning processes, setting a new standard for educational institutions striving for excellence.