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Leave a great
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Digitalise your annual student registration exercise to impress parents and provide greater convenience to all stakeholders.

Why choose our student registration module?

Digitalise and streamline your annual enrolment exercise to provide greater convenience for all stakeholders. Leave a good first impression amongst your incoming students and make it a memorable experience for them.

Personalized Booklist

Forms Submission

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Personalising the Student Enrolment Experience

Highly sought after by Full Subject-based Banding (FSBB) schools.

Information Dissemination

Share important information with parents from uniform purchase to financial assistance schemes. 

Dynamic Forms

Capture real-time responses from parents on their child’s subject choices in one integrated platform.

Personalized Book Lists

Customise book lists for each student based on their unique subject choices and combinations.

Easy Tracking

Stay updated on completion statuses through real-time dashboards.

Optimise School Resources

Eliminate the need for wide-scale manpower allocation and save time and resources from manual form submissions.  Ensure efficiency that’s critical to setting your school up for future success.

Real-time Dashboards

Monitor the progression and registration status of each student via our real-time dashboards. Convenient access to student information and data as they progress through the registration exercise.

Data analysis

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