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Traditionally, the process of relief teacher assignment has been cumbersome and time-consuming, often involving manual methods such as excel spreadsheets or outdated software systems. Recognising the critical need for a more streamlined approach, Roster, our cutting-edge relief teacher planning system, has a groundbreaking Smart Auto-Assignment feature that solves this tedious process.

At its core, Roster’s Smart Auto-Assignment feature is designed to simplify and expedite the process of assigning relief teachers, ensuring that the right educator is matched with the right assignment in under 30 seconds. This represents a significant departure from conventional methods, which often involve a laborious manual selection process prone to human error and inefficiency. With Roster, schools can bid farewell to the days of tedious relief planning and embrace a more efficient, automated approach.

Roster’s Smart Auto-Assignment feature operates on two key criteria: stars and hearts.

Stars: Roster’s intelligent algorithm leverages a sophisticated set of criteria to prioritize teachers based on their compatibility with the absent teacher. This includes factors such as subject expertise and departmental alignment, ensuring that the most suitable educator is selected for each assignment. 

Hearts: In addition to matching teachers based on their compatibility with the absent teacher, Roster’s Smart Auto-Assignment feature also considers the workload of each educator. By analysing teachers’ weekly or bi-weekly schedules, the system can prevent overburdening of individual educators while optimising the utilisation of available resources. This thoughtful approach not only promotes fairness and equity among teaching staff but also ensures that the workload is distributed in a manner that is conducive.

Roster - Smart Auto-Assignment Feature

Roster – Smart Auto-Assignment Feature

The effectiveness of Roster’s Smart Auto-Assignment feature has been validated by numerous Singapore public Ministry of Education (MOE) schools, where it has become a trusted partner in relief planning efforts. Schools that have implemented Roster have reported significant time savings and operational efficiency gains, with some estimating annual savings of over 600 hours. This newfound efficiency not only allows educators to redirect their focus towards impactful teaching initiatives but also enables schools to allocate resources more effectively, ultimately improving the overall quality of education.

In summary, Roster’s Smart Auto-Assignment feature represents a paradigm shift in relief planning for educational institutions. By harnessing the power of intelligent algorithms and automation, Roster empowers schools to optimize their relief assignment processes, promote fairness and equity among teaching staff, and enhance overall operational efficiency. As the education landscape continues to evolve, Roster remains committed to driving innovation and excellence in relief planning, helping schools worldwide achieve their goals of providing high-quality education to every student.


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