Circumplex Model of Affect: Nurture’s Well-being Check-Ins

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Youth mental health has emerged as a critical concern globally, with increasing mental well-being issues among young individuals. Traditional methods of tracking student mental health, such as termly surveys, offer delayed feedback and hinder timely support for students in need. These outdated approaches fail to provide real-time, actionable data, making it difficult to identify students in distress and adapt support strategies promptly. Enter Nurture, an innovative student development platform designed to enhance student wellness and support their holistic development. At the core of Nurture’s effectiveness is its pioneering feature: 1-minute wellbeing check-ins.


The Need for Real-Time Well-being Insights

Traditional methods of monitoring student mental health, like sporadic surveys, provide a snapshot rather than a continuous picture of a student’s emotional state. This delay in feedback can result in missed opportunities for timely interventions, exacerbating the issues students face. In today’s fast-paced educational environment, there is an urgent need for tools that offer real-time insights into student well-being.


The Circumplex Model of Affect: A Foundation for Understanding Emotions

Nurture’s 1-minute well-being check-ins are grounded in the Circumplex Model of Affect, an integrative approach to affective neuroscience, cognitive development, and psychopathology developed by Jonathan Posner, James A. Russell, and Bradley S. Peterson. This model proposes that all affective states arise from cognitive interpretations of core neural sensations, which are the product of two independent neurophysiological systems. These states are mapped along two dimensions: arousal (high energy to low energy) and valence (pleasant to unpleasant mood).


How Nurture’s Well-being Check-Ins Work

Nurture’s well-being check-ins are designed to be quick, intuitive, and effective. Students engage in a brief, 1-minute check-in where they:

Select Their Energy Level: Students indicate whether they are experiencing high or low energy.

Indicate Their Mood: They then select whether they are in a pleasant or unpleasant mood and the respective reason.

Rate the Intensity: Students assess the intensity of their emotion, providing a nuanced understanding of their current state.

Record Lifestyle Factors: Students can also log their exercise, sleep, and screen time levels, offering further insights into their overall wellness.


Nurture Well-being Check-ins Circumplex Model of Affect

Real-Time Analysis for Immediate Support

The true power of Nurture’s check-ins lies in its real-time analysis capabilities. As students complete their check-ins, the platform processes this data instantly, providing teachers and school leaders with immediate insights into each student’s emotional state. This real-time feedback loop enables educators to identify students in distress and pinpoint students who may be struggling and require immediate attention to provide targeted support.


Holistic Development Through Informed Interventions

Nurture’s innovative approach ensures that student wellness is continuously monitored and supported. By providing real-time, actionable insights, Nurture empowers educators to respond promptly and effectively to students’ needs. This proactive approach fosters an environment where students feel seen, supported, and understood, contributing to their holistic development.


Conclusion: A New Era of Student Wellness

In an age where youth mental health is a pressing concern, Nurture stands out as a beacon of innovation and compassion. By integrating cutting-edge affective neuroscience with practical, real-time data collection, Nurture’s 1-minute well-being check-ins revolutionise how schools approach student wellness. This transformative tool ensures that students receive the timely support they need, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future.

Discover how Nurture can enhance the well-being and holistic development of your students. Embrace the future of student wellness today!

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