Dive Analytics vs School Management Systems (SMS)

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Your school management software (SMS) is indispensable to ensuring your school flawlessly remains atop of its operations and administrative overheads. However, there are still avenues to leverage digital technologies to boost teachers’ productivity. This is where Dive Analytics’ suite of solutions come into play.

What is the purpose of School Management Software?

A School Management System (SMS) is an administration tool prevalent in most educational institutions. It is critical in helping schools process routine administrative tasks and backend operations more efficiently. As such, it boasts many sought-after functionalities ranging from document management to electronic payroll systems.

How Does Dive Analytics Empower Educators?

At Dive Analytics, we equip teachers with a powerful suite of productivity solutions that helps them solve modern educational challenges, streamlines processes and reduces their workload on administrative duties. We employ modern technologies to elevate teachers’ capacities and help them remain productive as they service the current educational demands such as personalised learning and socio-emotional monitoring through a data-driven approach.

Simple, Sleek, Sophisticated

Productivity suite for teachers. Lauded and approved by our customers:

User-friendly and helps to improve processes. Happy with their system.~ Wong W.H, Orchid Park Secondary School

Innovative and progressive products that meet school needs in the current educational landscape.~ Tan K.W., North Vista Secondary School

Easy to use and mobile responsive. Fast and prompt support given.~ Yong Y.K., Christ Church Secondary School

Dive Analytics School Management System
Area(s) of Focus Centred on reducing teachers’ time spent on administrative duties through automation and providing valuable insights for better decision making Centred on operations and administration
Key Features
  • Course management
  • Student management
  • Users management
  • Attendance management
  • Student report cards
  • Online/e-Payment
Customisation Fully customisable to your school’s needs – from automation preferences to workflows Limited customisation – A “One size fits all” approach
Time Savings Saves time by streamlining processes related to pressing educational needs:

  • Automates manual administrative work, freeing up time for curriculum
  • Automates manual data preparation and analysis
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Automates the monitoring of students
Saves time by digitising standard administrative processes such as:

  • Human resource management
  • Invoice and payments
  • Payrolls
  • Learning management
  • Student information portals to consolidate information
  • Intelligent algorithms to automate relief duty assignments to reduce burden on teachers
  • Online student registration and digital form management
  • Streamlines teachers’ typical manual duties
  • Automatic notifications of potential at-risk students
  • Automates administrative and “backend” tasks less related to teaching
Socio-emotional Monitoring
  • Tracking of students’ well-being through daily mood logs and self-reflections
  • Easy administering of social network analysis surveys
  • Automatic analysis of student relationships through survey data
Personalised Learning
  • Recommendations of programmes and courses based on students’ interests and progression
  • Gamification to boost students motivation
  • Peer-to-peer learning
Data-driven Insights
  • Real-time dashboards and automatic report generation
  • Automatic generation of personalised student report cards
  • Basic and standard reports, often only in excel formats

Enjoy Unprecedented Productivity. All Tailored To Your School Needs

The modern education landscape has inundated teachers with vast new challenges. This calls for a revised approach to traditional workflows to help boost their productivity and support them as they nurture new learners.

Dive Analytics’ array of digital solutions complements your existing school management systems while streamlining teachers’ routine tasks. With in-demand features such as personalised timetables and automated relief allocation, we save teachers precious time for curriculum while equipping them with the tools to facilitate more personalised and data-driven learning.

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