Student Profiling

Uncover deeper understanding of your students

Deep dive and identify your students based on their traits, characteristics and interests. Identify where their unique gaps are and work out how your school can provide more personalised support to help them succeed. 

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 Interactive Data Visualisation

Interactive Data Visualisation

Our Student Profiling System eliminates the need for manual crunching of data across countless excel files by giving educators interactive and simple-to-understand charts. Be it summary statistics, year-on-year trend analysis or question analysis, our system is fully customisable to meet your school's unique needs.

 Interactive Data Visualisation
Seamless Data Integration

Seamless Data Integration

Save time from having to do manual data preparation, calculations and chart generations in excel spreadsheets. Our profiling system allows you to instantly upload your data sources through a few clicks so you can sit back and relax.

Seamless Data Integration
Automatic Report Generation

Automatic Report Generation

Generate meaningful and personalised reports - at the student, class or cohort levels, through a few simple clicks. Our reports can be fully customised to your school's unique needs and versatile enough to be used by anyone.

Automatic Report Generation
Secure Data Management

Secure Data Management

Data security is our utmost priority. We hold high standards in ensuring the appropriate practices are in place. From data encryption to server hardening and more, we comply with the Ministry of Education's (MOE) IT Security requirements, as well as the relevant PDPA and privacy laws within the country.

Secure Data Management

What Teachers Say

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Join the modern schools and transform the way your teachers work with Dive Analytics.

“User-friendly and helps to improve processes. Happy with their system.”

Wong W.H – Orchid Park Secondary School

“Innovative and progressive products that meet school needs in the current educational landscape.”

Tan K.W. – North Vista Secondary School

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Achieve better educational outcomes through student profiling

Tailor curriculum, support and resources to meet the unique needs of your students. Start your trial today and gain deeper insights through our Student Profiling module.