Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Understand social interactions within classrooms

Social interactions amongst students are often a crucial and under-explored aspect. Deep dive and understand how social relationships form in your classrooms to improve learning outcomes.

Students in classroom

Student Relationships

Demystify Student Interactions & Relations

Social Network Analysis helps educators demystify student relationships within and beyond the classroom. Our user-friendly interface is enables teachers of all backgrounds to easily generate sociograms and analyse student relationships within just a few clicks.

Schools report that their teachers can better administer and understand the survey responses and focus on intervention strategies where necessary.

Early Warning Indicators

Identify Cliques & Potential At-Risk Students

Through our interactive sociograms and deep dive analysis, teachers can easily identify any potential student cliques and outliers who may be isolated within their class. Often, these students require more attention to assimilate their peers and teachers can provide early intervention where necessary.

Teachers report that the findings are particularly useful in helping them understand their students.
Student Understanding
student profiling


Automated Report Generation

Teachers can download reports within just a few clicks, saving them countless of hours from manual analysis and preparation. Our reports map across various student attributes (such as gender, academic grades etc.), each painting a different picture to empower teachers to act on those insights.

Teachers report saving over hundreds of hours from manual data preparation and analysis from our automated report generation.

Data Security & PDPA

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Data security and privacy is our utmost priority. We do not store any sensitive nor personally identifiable data to ensure full compliance with the PDPA act. Students’ data and responses will be fully managed by your school, while we provide the engine to empower your teachers.

From the anonymising of students’ identities to secure data storage, we provide teachers with a peace of mind.

Data Security

Features Overview

See what our Social Network Analysis module can do for you

From data collection and analysis to report generation, Dive Analytics have you covered.

What Teachers Say

You’re in good company

Join the modern schools and transform the way your teachers work with Dive Analytics.

“User-friendly and helps to improve processes. Happy with their system.”

Wong W.H – Orchid Park Secondary School

“Innovative and progressive products that meet school needs in the current educational landscape.”

Tan K.W. – North Vista Secondary School

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Empower your teachers with deeper and more meaningful insights

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