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Encourage teachers to be reflective.

Support your teachers’ growth and development.

Why choose our lesson reflection module?

Encourage your teachers to reflect on their practice to improve themselves as an educator, become more aware of their teaching, and better understand their students needs.


Using reflection to improve instruction

Identify areas for improvements and growth.


Improve teaching effectiveness through developing self-awareness.

Collaborative Learning

Learn from fellow teachers’ experiences.

Improve Teaching Competencies

Become a more confident and competent educator by understanding your own competency levels.

Develop New Perspectives

Question assumptions and develop new perspectives towards teaching. 

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Roadmap for Professional Growth

By carrying out an extensive inner thought process, teachers can have a much better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Thereby allowing them to use that information to adjust their teaching practices for their professional development.

Enhance Problem Solving

Reflective teaching practices can help teachers to improve their skills in solving problems and challenges. By harnessing past teaching experiences from themselves or their peers, they can obtain solutions much faster.

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