Personalised Timetables

Provide greater clarity to all stakeholders

Powering Full Subject-based Banding (Full SBB) Schools with the generation of personalise student timetables to provide greater clarity and promote cross-stream mixing.

Exam Invigilation Scheduling
Customisable and Ensures Clarity

Customisable and Ensures Clarity

Whether your school is planning for your incoming intake of Full Subject-based Banding (Full SBB) students or currently on your Full SBB journey, our personalised timetable helps to ensure clarity across all stakeholders. We tailor each student's timetable based on their respective teaching groups and subject offerings to prevent any operational hiccups during the school term.

Customisable and Ensures Clarity
Seamless Timetable Integration

Seamless Timetable Integration

Dive Analytics supports all Timetabling Systems - be it aSC Timetables or School Cockpit (STA), we are able to seamlessly integrate with your school's timetable data.

Seamless Timetable Integration
Go-Green & Save Resources

Go-Green & Save Resources

Instead of printing hardcopy timetables, we can automatically send out each student's personalised timetable via email, saving you the time and hassle.

Go-Green & Save Resources

What Teachers Say

You’re in good company

Join the modern schools and transform the way your teachers work with Dive Analytics.

“User-friendly and helps to improve processes. Happy with their system.”

Wong W.H – Orchid Park Secondary School

“Innovative and progressive products that meet school needs in the current educational landscape.”

Tan K.W. – North Vista Secondary School

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Provide greater clarity and enhance the learning experience

Ensure clarity amongst all stakeholders and maximise precious curriculum time. Find out more about our Personalised Timetable Generation today.