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Custom surveys for valuable insights.

Create online forms and surveys for students and parents via our online form builder, and act on the key findings in real-time.

Why choose our survey module?

Our user-friendly survey builder allows teachers to easily administer custom surveys according to their needs. Capture survey responses, keep track of completion rates and save time on manual analysis through real-time analysis and interactive charts. 

Custom surveys
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All-in-one Workflow

We understand how tedious it can be for teachers to administer surveys to different groups of students via online form builders such as Google Forms. Creating different forms, sharing different links, checking completion rates and chasing students can be a painful process.

With our survey module, teachers can create custom survey templates, easily disseminate surveys to specific groups of students, teachers and parents within a clicks of a few button – all from the convenience of a single integrated workflow. No more endless google forms and different survey URLs to deal with.

Teacher-friendly forms and surveys

Say goodbye to countless Google Forms and Excel spreadsheets.

Form Builder

Create any custom survey with different question types through our user-friendly interface.

Dynamic Segmentation

Easily administer surveys to different segments of students by class or teaching groups within a few clicks.

Real-time Analysis

Focus on the key trends and insights and keep track of survey responses in real-time.

Automated Reports

Share reports amongst teachers and school management for more informed decision making.

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Custom surveys made easy

Our user-friendly form builder allows teachers to create custom surveys with different question types within minutes. They can easily administer these surveys to different segments of students by class or teaching groups within a few clicks.

Insights & Analysis

Our real-time dashboards allow teachers to view completion rates, survey responses and interactive charts without having to spend time on excel spreadsheets. Focus on the survey findings while we handle the dirty work for you.

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Question analysis

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