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Showcase your students' learning progression and achievements.

Help students develop a better sense of themselves and support their higher education admissions.

Why choose our Student e-Portfolio module?

Leverage on our online marketplace to automatically capture your students’ works and achievements throughout their entire journey with your school. Gain authentic assessments of their learning and help them reflect upon their strengths and gaps.

Participations & Achievements

Strengths & Gaps

Teacher and student

Showcase consolidated student works

Tracking each individual student’s work, participation and achievements can be difficult for schools, especially when they advance throughout their course of study and across schools. 

With our e-Portfolio module, one can easily track students’ collection of work, skills, past participations, achievements and more. These are valuable evidence of their learning journey and competencies, which supports their higher education applications. Think of this as a “LinkedIn for Students”.

Support self-directed learning through e-Portfolios

Help students track their own learning over time.

Online Marketplace

Easily administer school-related programmes and capture students’ works and participations in an integrated platform.

Smart Capturing

Automatically keep track of student participations, works and achievements via our intelligent platform.

Customisable Portfolios

Encourage students to take charge of their own learning and demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Support Higher Education

Support your students in their higher education applications and showcase their strengths and achievements.


Unleash the full potential of your students

Keep track of students’ works, skills and experiences throughout their entire student journey with your school. Students can enhance their e-Portfolios export into HTML or PDF formats for easy sharing.

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