Save time and hassle

One-click Data Upload

We help educators save time from having to do manual data preparation, calculations and chart generations in excel spreadsheets. Our intelligent profiling system allows you to instantly upload your survey responses through our one-click upload so you can sit back, relax.

Focus on the Insights

Powerful and Interactive Visualisations

From basic bar charts, pies charts to advanced radar charts, our Profiling System helps teachers to easily understand and grasp the key metrics. Instead of spending time looking through pages of numbers and statistics, we breakdown complicated figures and display the most relevant ones that matter. Be it summary statistics, year-on-year trend analysis or question analysis, our system is customisable to meet your unique needs.

Automated Reports

One-click Report Generation

Our intelligent system allows you to generate stunning and personalised reports - at the student, class or cohort levels, through the click of a button! Depending on your specific needs, our reports can be customised to your needs and preferences, which can be used by the various stakeholders - students, form teachers, level heads and even HODs.

One-stop Platform

Create & Administer Surveys

We understand that handling and managing various platforms and excel files can be tedious and dreadful. Our one-stop platform allows you to consolidate all data sources into a single source - from the creation & administration of surveys, to the generation of personalised reports!

Seamless Integration

Integrates with Your Existing Data

Concerned about data migration? Fret not as we will help to migrate your existing data seamlessly into our platform with little effort from your end. Let us handle all the complex algorithm, so that you can focus on the key insights and action steps.

Security Comes First

Secure Data Management

We understand your concerns regarding data security and confidentiality, and therefore hold high standards in ensuring the appropriate practices are in place. From data encryption to server hardening and more, we do our very best in compliance to MOE's requirements whilst not infringing on the PDPA Act.

Schedule a live Student Profiling System demo

Contact us to schedule a live demo, where we walk you through the various features and data upload process.