Single source of truth

Track & Monitor Student's Performance

We help educators save time doing tedious, manual compilation of excel spreadsheets, so they can focus on what they do best – teach. Our interactive system will provide you with the key trends and insights you will need to optimise teaching strategies.

Data-driven Classroom

Personalise Teaching for Every Student

Every student is unique in their learning capabilities. Our analytical dashboard is equipped with learning analytics capabilities to identify students’ learning progress based on their topic mastery. These insights can help you to optimise lesson plans, manage remedial classes, and encourage peer-to-peer teaching.

Predictive Analytics

Optimise Decision Making

In predicting school and national examination results, we leverage on machine learning techniques to help educators make better decisions. Whether it is lesson planning, remedial class strategy or teacher-class allocation, our clients have found great uses for the predicted results.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Automated Report Generation

Our interactive dashboards act as digital reports, but also allow users to automatically generate reports and presentations in the file-type of their choice. Streamline reporting to students, parents, management and other stakeholders with the click of a button.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with Cockpit Data

As an intelligent Student Analysis System, it directly reads data from your school cockpit as well as other sources. The user-friendly interface allows you to upload data with ease, no matter the source of your data.

Security Comes First

Secure Data Management

We understand your concerns regarding data security and confidentiality, and therefore hold high standards in ensuring the appropriate practices are in place. Speak with a representative today to learn about the measures we take.

Schedule a live Student Analysis System demo

Contact us to schedule a live demo, where we walk you through the various features and data upload process.