Deep Dive Analysis

Uncover Student Relationships

Identify and understand student relationships within classrooms, and uncover the impacts these relationships could have on students' learning outcomes. Social network analysis (SNA) can inform educators in unique ways and improve educational outcomes.


Benefits of Social Network Analysis

Find out how social network analysis can help uncover meaningful student relationships within classrooms


Identify Students At-Risk

Early identification of students at-risk of isolation and/or bullying could help educators take meaningful action in-time. Pair or group well-connected students to their less connected peers to encourage integration.


Map Different Student Indicators

Discover the relationship between social networks and indicators, academic or non-academic. Each indicator could uncover underlying trends amongst students and aid teachers in understanding how to help them.


Overall Well-Being

Students’ overall well-being are often influenced by social activity in school. Social Network Analysis could inform educators of any issues faced by students, especially those that are not easily communicated directly.

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