Customized to your needs

Simplify the Way You Work

Set up automated multi-level form approval workflows for your school for better efficiency. Add and remove appropriate approvers, review form submissions, and receive notifications for each stage completion in the online approval workflow. Especially useful for keeping digital records, and automated routing of forms to relevant personnel for approval (e.g. Overseas Travel Declaration Form).


1. Set up the Approval Workflow

Create your desired workflow and add Reporting Officers to each level, for any type of form or document submission for your school.

2. Keep Everyone Updated

Set up automatic notification emails for each stage: when a form is submitted, when the submission has been approved or denied, and when the final completion status has been updated.

3. Ready and Launch

The submission-approval process is streamlined and a complete record of forms or documents are immediately digitised. Dashboards allow administrators to track all statuses at-a-glance.

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