Student Registration

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Digitalise your annual student registration exercise to impress parents and provide greater convenience to all stakeholders. Make life easier for your teachers by automating approval flows and form submissions.

Optimize School Resources

Greater Convenience For All

Digitalise and streamline the entire process with our one-stop portal without the need for physical travel to the school. Reduce the manpower needed to administer the exercise and achieve greater time savings.

Schools report deploying less than 50% of their staff to administer their annual student registration exercise.

Forms Submissions

Manage Forms Submissions In One Place

With different subject combinations and the introduction of Full Subject-based Banding (Full SBB), taking care of parents’ form submissions gets messy without a process to manage them. You can solve that with our portal effortlessly and download the data you need real-time.

Teachers report that parents are generally more satisfied and they experience a reduction in their workload by at least 25%.

Provide A Great First Impression

Personalising the Enrollment Experience

Our portal generates personalised book lists in real-time based on parents’ subject choices to prevent any confusion with their textbooks and stationaries purchases. Eliminate paper wastage and go-green through digitalisation. 

Schools report saving over 2,000 pieces of hardcopy forms through the administering of online forms.

Features Overview

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From tedious queue management to complex data collection and information dissemination, Dive Analytics have you covered.

What Teachers Say

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Join the modern schools and transform the way your teachers work with Dive Analytics.

“User-friendly and helps to improve processes. Happy with their system.”

Wong W.H – Orchid Park Secondary School

“Innovative and progressive products that meet school needs in the current educational landscape.”

Tan K.W. – North Vista Secondary School

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