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Streamline your school’s internal processes with Dive Analytics. Improve efficiency, and give your team more time to focus on their most important goals.

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Our Features

Increase your productivity and say goodbye to manual work.

Relief Planning

Save time and reduce stress for your staff by reducing over 1,000 man-hours annually on manual relief planning. Ensure that relief assignments are fairly allocated to maximise curriculum time and take care of teachers’ workload.

Student Registration

Transform your school’s annual student registration exercise online and save precious manpower and resources – enabling your school to go-green through digitalisation.

Facilities Management

Untangle facilities usage with our Booking System to prevent double booking and conflict amongst users. Automatically send out emails and/or push notifications to inform users and administrators of their booking and approval statuses.

Personalized Student Timetables

Struggling with banded lessons and complex class timetables? Prevent confusion and provide greater clarity amongst students and teachers, especially for Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) Schools.

Operational Success

Convenience for all stakeholders

Automate the way your school works by modernising and simplifying your school and office operations. Optimise your available resources and go-green through digitalisation.

For School Management

Power your school operations with our user-friendly and innovative solutions to free up your teachers’ time from menial administrative tasks and achieve better resource allocation.

For Teachers

Automate the menial tasks you hate, boost your productivity to spend more time doing what you love best – teach.

Boost your school productivity

From teacher relief planning, student registration to facilities management. We’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to tedious manual administrative tasks and reap the benefits today.


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