continuous learning
amongst teachers.

Bite-size courses designed for personalised and collaborative learning.

Why choose our online learning management module?

Create bite-sized course contents to encourage continuous and collaborative learning amongst your teachers. Understand their learning needs and offer personalised experience through recommender systems.

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Invest in your people to drive teacher success

Digital learning platform for teachers.


Map courses to different learning areas or competencies to provider recommendations for each teacher.


Encourage online discussions to spur idea exchange and peer-to-peer learning.


Provide feedback for teachers to support them in their critical thinking and learning.


Motivate teachers through gamifications such as point system, badges and leaderboard.

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Foster an Inclusive Learning Culture

Encourage lifelong learning and provide greater convenience for teachers to learn at their own pace. Teachers can share readily available resources to help fellow educators in understanding what is working for their students and adapt their lesson plans.

Easy and Convenient Access

Whether you are on the move or in the comfort of your home, get access to curated courses created by peers and colleagues and benefit from curated bite-sized content.

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Course Content

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Encourage lifelong learning and support professional development.